We LOVE chia.

It started in my kitchen in San Diego County, where in a quest to find a diet that could help address some longstanding health challenges, I fell in love with the magic of chia seeds. I quickly discovered that these amazing little seeds were providing a powerful vitality boost in my life and I wanted to share this revelation with others.

I believe there are multiple components to a healthy and joy-filled life and no one thing holds all the answers, but there’s no doubt that once I incorporated chia into my daily diet, there was a noticeable increase in my wellness, energy and strength.

In the summer of 2009, fueled by my passion for chia and my commitment to be of service to humanity and the planet, I founded Mamma Chia — the first organic, chia-based food and beverage company. Mamma Chia remains a conscious and sustainable company dedicated to sharing delicious, nutrient-rich, organic plant-based beverages and snacks powered by chia.

 With love and gratitude,


We're on
a mission

We’re here to share the magic of chia with everyone. We’re dedicated to offering the highest quality organic chia-based foods and beverages to support your body’s needs. 

We live our values

We believe in doing good every step of the way. Mamma Chia is proud to be a Certified B Corp, a Certified Women-Owned Business and a 1% For the Planet member because we love Mamma Earth and her people!